AL-SIDDIQ    Web site is a porthole for Islamic Resources. It was established in th wgqaw1e month of Ramadan in the year 2003

AL-SIDDIQ     Endeavors to compile all Islamic Resource material with references to web sites links and original source.

AL-SIDDIQ     Hopes and that the information given will provide excellent resource material for those who seek further in depth understanding of the Islamic world.

PRAYER MATI have tried to see that Islam is presented correctly in accordance with Quran & (authentic) sunnah. (If something contradicts Quran or (authentic) sunnah please do not follow it.) Anything wrong here is from my own ignorance, anything good is from Allah(swt). I ask that Allah(swt) accept my humble efforts and forgive me for my mistakes, and guide me to the right path.

 AS.O do not necessarily agree with
all of the statements and opinions expressed by the authors of these texts on this website including the links on this website.These are presented for the purposes of private research only. Please do your own research to verify or validate this website’s information

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